The Importance of a Writing Desk


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Occasionally, I will go to a Starbucks or library to write, but most of the time, I write at my desk. To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of sitting at a desk for a long time. It normally bores me; however, I’ve found that using my desk at home as a “writing corner” has been very helpful to me.

My desk features a few very important things to me as a writer. The first is a collage of inspirational quotes above my desk. The quotes are from some of my writing idols, namely J.K. Rowling and George Lucas, and my idols in general, such as Beyonce and Michael Jordan. These quotes have been great reminders to me to keep dreaming on, to keep trying, and to continue to write and pursue my dreams to become a writer.

Another feature is pictures and posters from my favorite TV shows and films. I have pictures from my favorite episode of Smallville and a poster from American Pie, one of my favorite films. Seeing these pictures everyday reminds me of the kinds of stories I want to tell through my writing, and they inspire me to want to get the audience to fall in love with my stories, as I fell in love with the aforementioned tales. I believe that all writers should keep memorabilia from their favorite films and television shows, to serve as a source of inspiration.

Finally, my desk includes indicators of my future goals, and where I hope to specifically be in life in the years to come. I hope to work for Viacom Media Networks, at MTV or Nickelodeon (or to work at both). I have a Viacom folder from my time there as an intern, and a Nickelodeon history book. Seeing these things everyday reminds me where I want to work in the future, and to keep working hard and accomplishing the most that I can in the present, so that I can reach my goals.

Therefore, I encourage all writers to keep a desk to use as a writing corner. Inspirational quotes, posters and pictures of television and film favorites, and other entertainment memorabilia are great sources of motivation for the struggling writer.



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