Places for Aspiring Screenwriters to Visit

As an aspiring screenwriter, most of my inspiration has resulted from watching films and television shows. Over the years, though, I’ve learned a lot and been inspired from visiting various places in the Los Angeles area. Below are a few that I’ve found to be particularly interesting:

Studio Tours

studio tour

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The Los Angeles area is home to many film and television studios, and most of them offer tours. I’ve toured the Warner Brothers Studio, Paramount Pictures, and Universal Studios (through the Universal Hollywood theme park). Walking on the lot and seeing where where my favorite films have been made provided thrilling experiences for me and inspired me even more to want to write, and one day work at the exciting studios. The studio is the pen-ultimate for an aspiring writer, and one of the most exciting places to visit.

Hollywood Boulevard

hollywood blvd.jpg

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It may not be the glamorous, extravagant street that the films have often portrayed, but Hollywood Boulevard is the street in the Los Angeles area that has the most centralized Hollywood landmarks and sightings. Given that most of the studios and other film industry based locations are scattered throughout greater Los Angeles, Hollywood boulevard is a refreshing stroll for tourists and film lovers.  In under a mile, one can see important film-centric landmarks, such as The Dolby Theatre, The Hollywood Walk of Fame, The El Capitan Theatre, The Hollywood Museum, and much more. It’s must-see for any film lover and aspiring writer.


paley center.jpg

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Museums that preserve film and television history are a great learning source for aspiring writers. There are several museums scattered throughout greater Los Angeles that offer resources for young writers. To name a few: The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills offers a wealth of information about television history. The Hollywood Museum in Hollywood showcases props from famous Hollywood films.

Historical Theatres

dolby theatre.jpg

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There’s The Aero, The Dolby Theatre, The Egyptian Theatre and The Chinese Theatre, to name a few. These theatres were the birthplace of Hollywood premieres. Even just visiting them and being part of the movie premiere atmosphere is very inspiring and makes a wanna-be writer hope that they can have their own vibrant premiere at a classic, historical Hollywood theatre.

Writer’s Guild Foundation Library

wgf library

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I interned here for over six months, and very much enjoyed the atmosphere. It is one of the few places in Los Angeles that focuses specifically on screenwriting. Hundreds of quality screenplays find residence here, and it is the perfect place for a writer hoping to write a spec script or read scripts to help them with their craft.




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