New Girl: A Refreshingly Different Sitcom

new girl

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I’ve watched New Girl for years now. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve come to truly appreciate it. New Girl isn’t the typical comedy: it’s not a Seinfeld or Friends, but I think its uniqueness it what makes it so fun.

Foremost, all of the characters on the show are very wacky and as I heard showrunner Elizabeth Meriwether put it: “[they are] very bad at life.” That’s spot on. Most comedies have a stable central character who is surrounded by crazy friends, the “Michael Bluth” of the series. In New Girl, they are all crazy. Jess, the lead character, is very quirky and sometimes the wackiest of the bunch (although I would argue Winston and Schmidt are the craziest). I believe this accurately represents real life, as all of us have a cooky, quirky side, like Jessica Day. This is also what makes her character so fun: she’s always full of laughs.

New Girl also has a great balance of comedy and drama. It’s not as dramatic as How I Met Your Mother, which was at times surprisingly very sad. But it has its sweet, serious moments, like in the recent episode, where Schmidt and Cece both express their worries about their upcoming marriage. And these serious moments are what make New Girl feel real, as life is both wacky and chaotic, but also confusing.

Furthermore, New Girl is a great representation of this generation and the problems in our current society. We’re already established that the gang is generally struggling with life in general, which is reflective of many people nowadays that are in their 20’s and 30’s. As seen through Nick, a failed lawyer turned bartender, and Cece, who doesn’t really know what she wants to do with her life, the series is very relatable to its target audience.

Despite not relying on traditionally funny antics that former successful sitcoms like Arrested Development and Seinfeld, New Girl is effective with its use of bizarre, identifiable characters and its ties to our current society. And is someone who is likewise in their 20’s and hilariously struggling a bit with life, I’ve learned to enjoy the series even more.



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