The “Favorite Movie of All-Time” Question

As a film major and aspiring writer, I have often been asked the question, “What is your favorite movie of all-time?” Honestly, the answer doesn’t come to me right away. I’ve answered with several different responses over the years. I have a few favorites, namely Scream, Clueless, The Lion King, Spider-Man, and American Pie. There are even a few more that I could argue are my favorites.

I remember when I was asked the question at a freshmen preview for Loyola Marymount University (although I later ended up attending Chapman University). I responded with “Scream” and half of the kids in my group laughed at me. They chose much more typical film student movies, like “Requiem for a Dream” or “The Godfather” or every other typical movie a film students claims is their favorite in order to sound sophisticated.

We all have that movie that we are shamefully in love and afraid to admit it. In my case, I wasn’t afraid to admit it. Still, I think our favorite movies should be the ones that mean something more to us. I loved Scream for years because it inspired me to want to write scripts that are smart and witty, innovative, and have admirable characters. I’ve recently grown to love Legally Blonde because Elle Woods inspires me to believe in myself, even when I’ve hit a rough patch in my life.

So, to conclude, I encourage all film majors and fans to never feel pressure by the question they will probably be asked by producers, writers, directors, studio executives, professors, and anyone else involved with film. Also, the kid who says Heathers is their favorite movie of all-time is going to stand out a lot more than the one who says with the standard Godfather or Citizen Kane.



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