Why I Write For Fun

Realistically, I’m not sure if I will ever become a television series writer, but that hasn’t stopped me from writing for fun.  I’ve found a lot of benefits from writing on my own term, despite not getting any monetary compensation for it.

1. The Freedom:

When I write on my terms, I get to write what I want.  I have full creative freedom.  Sure, that script may only exist on paper, and doesn’t have a chance to be professionally made unless I send it to someone. But one of the reasons I have hesitated to pursue writing is because I know as a writer starting out, I will be writing someone else’s story, not my own.

2. The Brain Stimulation:

I just graduated school in May, and have been working part-time at Disneyland. It’s a nice job, but there isn’t a lot of mental, creative stimulation involved as a cashier. Writing has allowed me to continue higher-order thinking and use the knowledge I earned at Chapman, to a greater cause.

3. It’s Like Watching TV:

I finished re-watching Buffy and Smallville, which were very exciting to me. I watch current television, but I’m not super passionate about anything currently on TV. So, in order to cope with this boredom, I’ve decided to write in the meantime. When I write, I get to re-create the shows I enjoy watching by taking elements I enjoyed from them, such as the structure, tone or way of storytelling, and watch them, in a sense. I get to take the best of written television and re-create it.

4. Maybe One Day:

I’ve read in multiple books on the entertainment industry that it is important to write stories that you are passionate about and close to you.  Those stories will become your best writing. By writing stories for fun, I’ve wrote these stories that are my best work possible. If I ever get the opportunity to have my script read by a producer or an agent, there is a chance they may admire my writing ability or think my series has potential. This could be my key to landing a writing job, and reaching my career goals of becoming a writer.


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