Roswell: A Forgotten Gem of a TV Series


After finishing re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I was looking for a new show to watch off Netflix. I was still sad that I had finished watching Buffy, and yearned to watch something similar to it. I had seen the series, Roswell, next to it on Netflix and Hulu, before, but thought it must be kind of lame. It only lasted three seasons, and I had never heard of it. But I was super bored one night and decided to give it a chance. I’m glad I did.

As of writing this post, I am still watching the series. I have eight episodes left. No matter how it ends, I’ve learned a lot about writing from watching the series.

In the first two seasons, every episode was like a mini-movie. The episodes were action-packed, with twists and turns. The plot moved along fast, and didn’t drag out. The pilot episode was one of the most exciting I have ever seen. Normally, I don’t enjoy pilots, but this pilot had me hooked.

I also very much enjoyed the characters. Half of them were aliens, but they were all relatable teenagers and I rooted for all of them. They’re some of the most unique and strongest teen characters I’ve ever seen on screen, particularly the lazy and punk-rock loving alien, Michael, and Liz, who feels much more down-to-earth than any other leading girls on teen series.

The relationships on the show were likewise well-established. Max and Liz had me rooting for them since the first episode, with their star-crossed lovers dilemma (him being an alien and she’s human). They’re that adorable, average couple, but with an alien twist. Michael and Maria were likewise fun to watch, but because of the hilarious contrast between their characters.

I wasn’t too surprised that Roswell was a great series, considering its showrunner was Jason Katims of Friday Night Lights and Parenthood. It’s just a shame that it didn’t last longer on television, like its sister series on the WB, Buffy and Smallville. It was a great series, that pretty much no one has heard of.


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