Teen Wolf: A Pleasant Surprise

teen wolf

When the Teen Wolf TV series was first announced, I thought it sounded ridiculous. It would be another Twilight with low quality storytelling and overdramatic romances. When it first released, I remember hearing good reviews about it. My friends talked about how much they liked it one day during lunch. I still was skeptical.

I decided to give Teen Wolf a try over the summer, and ate my words. It was great. It was, in my opinion, one of the best teen shows I had ever seen. I would get through my long days at work, knowing that I could watch it when I came home.

I lost interest in Gossip Girl and Dawson’s Creek because the characters were unlikeable. Teen Wolf, however, has some of the most relate-able and fun characters. Stiles and Scott are a joy to watch every week. The show places importance on friendship, family and love. There is very rarely backstabbing or hooking up on the show.

Like another one of my favorite shows on television, Arrow, Teen Wolf uses drama, action and villains perfectly. Every episode is an adventure and feels like a movie. There is no guarantee that things will turn out alright in the end. Usually, there is some crazy cliffhanger that makes it impossible for me to not immediately watch the next episode.

I’ve recently thought that the quality teen tv series I grew up with, such as Buffy and Smallville, is dead. But Teen Wolf has given me hope that this genre can still be respectable and good television.



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