Binge-Watching: A Source Of Inspiration

As an aspiring writer, I watch a lot of television shows. I’m always afraid to start watching a new show because I get hooked easily. Hours will go by, and I’m still watching the same show. Forget cleaning the house or going grocery shopping. I’ve recently gotten hooked on Roswell, the 1999 WB teen drama. However, this binge-watching has been beneficial to me.

Watching Roswell, I’ve been inspired to once again write my own teen TV show. I want to write a show that is as riveting and rich with interesting characters as the series is. It’s a very powerful show that has reminded me why I want to write in the first place: because I can create my own touching moments and loveable characters. I want to create a show that others will binge-watch because they can’t wait to see what happened after that last cliffhanger or heartbreaking scene.

I think back on the previous shows I’ve binge-watched religiously: Teen Wolf, Smallville, That 70’s Show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Arrow. Once I finished watching them, I was lost. I didn’t know what to do. I scrolled through Netflix. No shows appealed to me. I realized that instead, I should write my own. I could create the same drama, heartbreak and heartwarming moments that I loved watching myself.

I’m getting to the halfway point of the Roswell series. I’m going to miss watching it when I’m done, but that will only give me more motivation to write again.


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