Buffy Season 2: One of the Best Seasons Ever

buffy season 2

I’ve seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer probably four times over. But whenever I want to watch a random episode, I almost immediately look for one from Season 2. In my opinion, Season 2 was the strongest of the series, and possibly one of the best seasons in television history. Here’s why:

The Villain:

Season 2’s Big Bad was Angel, Buffy’s true love. The other villains in the series were great, but none were better than Angel, aka Angelus. Buffy never had more difficulty killing a villain than when she had to kill Angel, her own boyfriend, at the end of “Becoming.” It was one of the most emotional moments of the series. Angelus was also fun and scary at the same time, an interesting contrast between Angel, who was timid and as Cordelia called him “A Care Bear With Fangs.”

Buffy and Angel:

Their star-crossed romance was one that will forever go down in television history. When Angel turned evil after his moment of happiness with Buffy, we all felt her pain. And we knew that killing Angel was the hardest thing she would have to do.


One of my favorite characters in the series was Cordelia Chase. Her one-liners were always classics and some of the funniest lines in the series. Her character really evolved in this season, going from snotty, rich girl to snotty, rich girl who helped save the world. And her relationship with Xander was very funny, a pre-cursor to the geek-gets-the-girl relationship we saw with Seth and Summer years later.

The Balance of Drama and Comedy:

The later seasons of the series, from Season 5 onward, were a change in tone in that they were very dramatic. Season 2 was a nice mix between funny and tragic. Although there were heart-breaking moments, from Miss Calendar’s death to Angel’s death, there were hilarious plotlines: every girl in Sunnydale falling for Xander (and Buffy turning into a mouse because of it) to Spike crashing Parent-Teacher night. Overall, Season 2 was a fun, emotionally intense ride.


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